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1974 - 1990 



The company had to accept losses during these years. Many, sometimes tough, personnel decisions are made in order to secure the remaining jobs. A decisive measure to improve the cost structure and better organization is the outsourcing of the tool department to an independent company


dr Helmut Theisen GmbH + Co. Tools KG


Managing director is Mr. Siegfried Schmidt from the Hoffmann company in Munich. In order to reduce costs, we are also entering into a cooperation with this leading tool dealer.


In the future, the Hoffmann company will work on the area south of the Danube in Bavaria and we will work on the area north. We are giving up our branch in Munich. Through this cooperation

  • purchasing cheaper

  • the advertising more effective and

  • the administration by taking over organizationalImprovements are streamlined.


The cooperation talks lead on the part of the Theisen company Mr. Kohl from sales and I from purchasing, on the part of the Hoffmann company Mr. Hoffmann himself and Mr. Brettner (Purchasing).

Unfortunately, another operational loss was incurred in the tool area in the first year. Costs need to be further reduced. Naturally, the largest proportion of costs in trading operations is made up of personnel costs, at around 60% of the total costs.


When it comes to cost-cutting measures, it is therefore important to consider


  • more layoffs

  • Salary and wage cuts

  • short-time work

  • Dissolution of the non-forfeitable pension rights and revocation of the pension commitment or

  • Freezing of pension commitments in compliance with legal regulations.


After much deliberation, the company decided on the last point because it sees the least social hardship in it. The company also issues a letter of intent. As soon as the economic situation at Werkzeug KG improves over the long term, a pension scheme will be set up like at THEISEN KG.


At the beginning of December, our tools department will move from Färberstrasse to our new building on Sigmundstrasse.


In December, our long-time employee Mr. Rohr, general manager and head of the organization, will take early retirement.

Image: Hoffmann

Karl Seiffert
Theisen Sigmundstrasse
Belegschaft Firma Theisen



This year the cooperation of the Hoffmann company has had a very positive effect. From now on we will achieve an annual increase in sales of between 8% and 12%.



Grete Theisen dies on April 29th.




On April 11, I'm celebrating my 40th anniversary of service.



Despite the positive development of previous years, Dr. Helmut Theisen the company.


It is obvious that the takeover by the Hoffmann company will take place as a result of the cooperation that has existed since 1974.


dr Later, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Helmut Theisen justified the sale as follows:


"Despite the strongest economic upswing in German history from 1950-1970, the company did not succeed in creating equity capital even in these boom years, so that one repeatedly ran into corresponding bottlenecks. It is not an advantage but also a burden to have sons who should join the father's company or have to join it. After all, a son is not qualified because he is a son, but only through his own achievements, his interest and his commitment. Because this is often overlooked, many family companies collapse because unfortunately they are not run by the best possible managers, but by insufficiently qualified family members. I have never exerted any influence on my sons that could have led to moral coercion, but rather left them completely free to decide. This, however, had the consequence that one of my sons is a restaurateur in Mexico and the other on the way to Habilitation as a professor of business administration in Regensburg. I am not angry about it because I know that my sons have found careers of their choice and will certainly be happier with it than with an imposed career choice".


Seen today, it was certainly the right decision that benefited everyone.

New distribution of tasks in the administration area


After the conversion work on the salesrooms, warehouse, incoming goods, outgoing inspection and shipping have been completed, the areas of responsibility are regulated as follows:


  • Management Mr Schmidt


  • Organization Mr. Dütsch

Mr. Dütsch takes over the operational organization, including property management, as well as the purchasing of operating resources. In addition, he is responsible for the supervision of apprentices.


  • Purchasing management and technical area Mr Seiffert

In addition to my work as a purchasing manager, I am responsible for the dispatchers, the warehouse, incoming goods, outgoing goods inspection, shipping, technical training for the apprentices and the organizational implementation of the inventory.


  • Sales manager Mr. Kohl

Office sales, telephone sales, order processing, shop sales, post office and switchboard.


  • Field Sales Manager Mr. Ott


  • Accounting Mr. Reis

Hoffmann Sigmundstrasse



On April 11, my 45th anniversary will be celebrated.

The gift of the company:

"The Täubleinshof in Nuremberg"

A 1941 watercolor by Professor J. Durst.












The Täubleinshof in Karthäusergasse was totally destroyed in 1945 during World War II. For me a memory from my apprenticeship. We maintained a camp there. At the end of December 1944, in the severe cold, I was assigned to take inventory here. There was no heating in these storage rooms!

Täubleinshof Nürnberg

Photo: © Altstadtfreunde Nuremberg



In July, our long-standing employees Ms. Zubak, dispatcher in tool purchasing, and Ms. Nester, secretary in sales, will retire.

Both joined what was then the Gebrüder Theisen company in 1940 as commercial apprentices.













On Friday December 5th celebrates the


THEISEN company in the Hotel am Frankenzentrum

100th anniversary of business.

100 Jahre Firma Theisen

fl: H. Januschke, H.Dr. Helmut Theisen, 

Mrs. Hoffmann-Januschke (owner),

H.  Manuel Theisen (son of Dr. Helmut Theisen)

100 Jahre Firma Theisen
100 Jahre Firma Theisen



On September 16,  , the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce awarded me the   in recognition of special services to vocational training.


"Gold Badge of Honour".














Our canteen


We can have free full breakfast and lunch here. We only cook with organic food, which is delivered fresh every day from our own farm. The bread also comes from their own bakery.



9th April


Congratulations from the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce on my 60th birthday.










Our holiday home in Aschau near Kitzbühl

The holiday home consists of 3 double rooms, eat-in kitchen and lounge. The double room can be booked by the staff for DM 10.00 per week.













On August 1st   my longtime employee Karl Stauber celebrates his 40th anniversary.

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