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April 1st


The owners of the company, Georg Theisen and Dr. Max Theisen totally fell out for a variety of reasons, which led to the company being split into two independent companies:


Georg Theisen KG tools and construction machinery




dr Max Theisen & Co, KG machine tools and steels


I will be working for Georg Theisen KG from April 1st  .


The division of the sales program between the two newly founded companies turns out to be very difficult. It will be months before the sales program is finally split up.


On April 1, Georg Theisen's son,  Dr. Helmut Theisen, joined the company Georg Theisen KG.


dr After the war, Helmut Theisen studied philosophy and sociology in Switzerland and had no intention of joining the company. He was so impressed by the misery the Nazis had unleashed that he felt he had to find out how it happened. His whole studies went in this direction. In November 1950 he received his doctorate from the University of Basel. Phil. . Partly family, but also material reasons persuade him to join the company. After a few months he takes over the management of our branch in Munich.

In the works council election for the new company Georg Theisen KG, I was elected to the second works council and, in addition to my work in purchasing, I am responsible for the training of our apprentices. The head of the accounting department, Mr. Reinhold Munkert, is elected to the first works council.


company excursion


On August 30th, our company outing  goes to "Franconian Switzerland". The next day, around 70% of all employees develop a skin rash and fever. Only those who had consumed a little more alcohol are spared. As it turned out later, "duck eggs" were used for the cakes in the hotel.

Georg Theisen



Company outing to Schnaittach



Company outing to Riedenburg

With our apprentices at the autumn folk festival


Herbstvolksfest Nürnberg 1954



Company outing on June 30th to Bad Berneck




On Saturday, December 14th, our company will be closed due to the 40th anniversary celebration of our deputy managing director Fritz Troppmann. 

Fritz Troppmann
Dr. Georg Theisen



artisan catalogue


Due to my extensive knowledge of our tool program, I get the order to create a so-called craft catalogue. The scope of the catalog should only have about 150 pages and mainly address the metalworking trade. The content of the catalog should be such that it is also of interest to factories that, given their size, have locksmith shops and similar workshops (example: there are textile factories that employ a large number of locksmiths and mechanics).


In our experience, a purely industrial catalog would have been around 500 pages long. Our colleague company in Bielefeld, the company Olldrogge & Co., is also interested in such a craft catalog (see letter from Mr. Olldrogge to Mr. Georg Theisen).


After the completion of my manuscript, the management has to state that I have compressed the intended articles into just under 100 pages. The management now considered whether we should rather create an industrial catalog with our entire sales program, because the current catalog dates from 1940 and the program is actually partly technically outdated. It is now believed that I am able to fit the entire sales program into about 300 pages.



Company outing to Pappenheim


On June 6th   Georg Theisen celebrates his 40th work anniversary in Pappenheim.


I'll be Mr. Müller's successor, shop manager and dispatcher, and I'll be responsible for incoming goods, warehousing and shipping.


I am also responsible for organizing the annual inventory of goods.


From 1960 onwards I gave our apprentices one hour of technical tool instruction once a week. I enjoy the training. I enjoy teaching young people and I can always learn something myself.


In order to expedite the work on the new catalog manuscript, Mr. Rose is assigned to me. He is an excellent employee and also artistically gifted.


During the next few months, I will be represented by the first salesman, Mr. Braun, in my job as shop manager.

Georg Theisen

from left: Dr. Helmut Theisen, Grete Theisen, Georg Theisen, wife of Helmut Theisen



The company has on the key date 30.06. 138 employees.



We move into our new office building in Kolpinggasse. On the ground floor and basement there is an area of approx. 1,000 square meters, which is used for sales, exhibition and storage areas.


We show a carefully selected and extensive range of



workshop equipment and power tools.


The "free choice system" newly introduced by us makes the selection easier. The tools are clearly arranged on perforated boards and open sales stands.


A pneumatic tube system, 3 elevators and modern dispatch rooms speed up the processing of incoming orders. In addition, there are sufficient parking spaces available for our business friends in our courtyard.


Tool main catalog No.6 


With the move to our new office building in Kolpinggasse, our new tool catalog   with 340 pages will be published. Taking my experience into account, I tried to create a handy, clear and useful catalogue. With its 7 groups, quick registers and a group overview, the catalog enables quick orientation.


The catalog is printed in the large printing works Erich Spandel, Nuremberg using the letterpress method. The binding is hung in a three-colored book cover and is therefore very hard-wearing.

Theisen Katalog 1962



Completion of the reconstruction and conversion


After many years of large space and difficult 

We can move into the completely remodeled old building on Färberstrasse.

Modern offices, a large training and conference room and social facilities on the three floors will meet the requirements for many years to come. We also run a repair workshop for BOSCH high-frequency and universal tools.

On April 14, our purchasing manager Mr. Heidel celebrates his 40th anniversary.

Thesien Färberstraße
Theisen Färberstrasse
Jubiläum Herr Heidel



Our sales manager Mr. Eichler changes to the company Hoffmann GmbH tools, Munich.

His successor will be Mr. Kohl, head of our power tool department.



the BUILDING EQUIPMENT catalog No. 68 appears











I am appointed to the examination board of the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.








On Friday, May 9th, three employees celebrate their service anniversary:


Your 40 year old

Mr. Schillinger, Head of Finance

Mr. Rohr, head of the construction machinery department


and I, shop manager and dispatcher, my 25-year-old

Baugerätekatalog Georg Theisen 1962



The company acquires a plot of land belonging to Bayerischer Rundfunk in Nuremberg, Sigmundstrasse 181, with around 17,000 square meters, and a new plot of land in Munich-Martinsried with around 12,000 square meters.


The company is constructing office and storage space, as well as repair workshops for construction machinery and a rental park for construction machinery on these plots of land.




My new tool catalog will be published this year

No. 71 with 340 pages for:


  • Machining technology, clamping technology, measurement technology

  • Grinding and cutting technology

  • Hand tools, workshop equipment and

workshop needs


I completely revised our catalog No. 6 from 1962 and brought it up to date.

I have tried to make the catalog clear, handy and functional again. The division into 10 groups using a quick register with a group overview enables quick orientation.

Nürnberg - Siegmundstrasse
Theisen Katalog 1970



The construction work for the new commercial building Kolpinggasse 35-37 finally begins.


Our senior boss Georg Theisen dies on December 11th.



a new BUILDING EQUIPMENT catalog is published.


With 4,000 articles on 126 pages, it is an excellent tool for our customers' daily work. Well structured and clear at a glance, it provides factual information as well as data and prices for the constant need for construction equipment.

Beugeräte Katalog Theisen KG 1973



As the successor to Mr. Heidel, who is retiring, I took over the purchasing management in 1971.



1952 - 1973
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