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August Theisen

August Theisen

1886 - 1913

Dyer Street around the turn of the century

Logo Gebrüder Theisen


On October 27, 1886, the two brothers August and Fritz Theisen founded the company at Maxplatz 32 in Nuremberg,  



Steel action wholesale


Fritz Theisen was a representative for the Frankfurt company Schmidt & Clemens, Stahlwerk, for many years.

August Theisen returned to Germany in May 1886 after a 12-year stay in Barcelona.


The company consists of 2 owners, 3 employees, an office and a storage room.


Fritz Theisen uses his wealth of experience to publicize the young company. He never tires of winning one customer after the other all over the country. With his dignified, correct manner, he and his company have increasingly gained the trust of customers. Nothing honors him more than the fact that our old customers fondly remember Fritz Theisen's visits for decades and speak of him in words of the greatest appreciation.

August Theisen is the representative and soul inside. With a wise eye, he knows how to master the difficulties and meet the requirements on busy days. If one reads the letters he wrote himself in the old copy books or follows the traces of his precise entries in the stock books, one gets the impression that the fate of the company rests in the best of hands! After just a few years, the success must also be visible to the outside world. The company has long outgrown the small and cramped conditions.

Anmeldeschein Gebrüder Theisen

Registration form 1886

Umsatzstatistik Gebrüder Theisen 1886-1913

Sales statistics 1886 - 1913


The imperative need for larger warehousing leads   to the acquisition of an own property at Peuntgasse 3.

Rechnung Gebrüder Theisen 1895

Rechnung aus dem Jahre 1895



In order to meet the increasing demand for tools and small machines, these are included in the sales program and a shop is opened on Königstrasse. This lays the foundation for the tool and machine department. The years to come will also be marked by steady growth. No wonder that  August and Fritz Theisen decide to put an end to the evil of storage rooms that are always too small.




This is how the former brewery property at Färberstraße 41 was acquired this year, which was purchased at a cost of 1/4 million gold marks.


Kaufvertrag Gebrüder Theisen

Purchase contract for the Färberstrasse


Mr. Fritz Theisen has a severe stroke from which he succumbs the next day.

The first catalogs appear on:


Price book  A

Tools, equipment and auxiliary machines for railway construction, road construction, mining, building construction for quarries, gravel works, etc.


Price book  B

Tools of all kinds for machine factories, electrical engineers, mechanical workshops, boilermakers, locksmiths, tinsmiths,


Price Book C

Machine tools for manual and power operation, such as drills, planing and shaping machines, milling machines, etc.


Price Book D

Bolts black and bare, nuts, cotter pins, washers, etc.


Price Book E

Steels, steel sheets, steel wires, milling discs, etc.

Katalog Gebrüder Theisen 1905

1. Catalog from 1905

Einschreiben an die Eisenbahndirektion nach Regensburg aus dem Jahre 1907






the company celebrates its 25th anniversary.


At this time it consists of 52 employees. Due to a pronounced relationship of trust, it was most intimately connected with suppliers on the one hand and customers on the other. From now on, the company can continue its activities with even greater prospects of success.









A new and expanded 357-page catalog with tools and machine tools is being published for the 25th anniversary.

Gebrüder Theisen
Gebrüder Theisen

Commemorative sheet for the 25th anniversary

Katalog Gebrüder Theisen 1911

Catalog 1911

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